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Wordle and Tagexdo can be great study tools for my students. By inserting vocabulary into these resources, my students will have a visual reference for all the words they need to remember. Since they are decorative I will ask the students to paste them into their sketch books or binders for additional exposure.

The authors of these blogs all have teaching backgrounds or associate with the education system. Knowing that these authors have experience teaching helps me to justify using these blogs as reliable teaching resources.

I found Richard Byrne’s “Free Technology for Teachers” blog to be the most helpful in finding ways to easily incorporate more technology in my classroom.  I learned that there is an endless supply of free technology resources online. Instead of wasting money on resources for a single lesson, I can easily find free resources for a variety of lessons.

Free Technology for Teachers

These are some examples of the types of resources I might use in my classroom.

The first is an alternative to Google images called “Every Stock Photo”. This will save time in the creation of my presentations because it is a site purely for photos.

“Hear names” is a pronunciation resource for my students. Some artist names and art terms have difficult pronunciations and this resource will make it easier for my students to communicate effectively in critiques and discussions.

Under the tab “favorite resources” I found a downloadable list of 77 web resources, some of which are similar to the resources we use in web technologies. I downloaded these resources on my computer for future use.


This first assignment has exposed me to many great blog sites specifically for teaching. I have had experience with wordle in past classes, but I have now found that tagexdo is my preference. The “every stock photo” resource is extremely helpful for me as an artist and a teacher.


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