Blog 2

I would use my blogs for students to access resources inside or outside of class. Some of the resources I noted in my previous blog might be helpful for ESL and special needs populations. The “Hear Names” resource would help those students with pronunciations. Also, the “every stock photo” resource might be helpful for AIG extension research projects, as they will need photos for presentations. The blog would also serve as a classroom outside of the classroom, where students could post comments and ask questions for feedback. I will also provide resources specific to the unit we are studying, like practice quizzes and study guides.

From , I chose under Instructional Videos and Video sharing and Pinterest under online collaboration. I am familiar with Pinterest and have used it in one of my courses. By making a group for the class, students can pin ideas and inspirations on our board. This type of collaboration might spark ideas throughout the classroom and I can moderate what kind of examples I am looking for. The bad thing about Pinterest is that there is sometimes graphic content, and I wouldn’t want my students to be exposed to anything inappropriate. is a unique story telling resource that would be helpful for student or teacher presentations. It might distract students from the actual thought of presenting and help them focus on the interactive quality of this resource. The downside to this site is the lack of video choices. When creating a video the options are very limited.

We learned a bit about smartboards and their interactive quality in the classroom. I thought they were just a bigger version of a computer, but I have found that they really invite students to interact with the lesson. There are lessons specifically made to use with smartboard and I feel that they would make students want to learn instead of having to learn. I have found an interactive Monet website that I would really like to use in one of my lessons. 


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