Final Blog

I am very pleased with the amount of information I have learned in this class. I knew little about the various ways to incorporate technology into my lessons before this class and I now feel confident in presenting a lesson plan to an administrator. Creating personalized websites, cover letters, and other web technologies will help me to attract future employers. This has been one of the most informative classes I have had at Meredith and I will be sure to implement the content into my own classroom. I never thought that technology would be that important in an art classroom since so much is done by hand, but I have found all of the resources to be beneficial to the art curriculum. I was able to incorporate NC Art education Standards in WebQuests, blogs, digital stories, vokis, wordles, and various other resources. During my learning experience I also got the chance to promote myself with a personalized brochure, cover letter, and website. Even when I thought I was familiar with a certain technology, I still found something that I didn’t know before. For example, I have worked with Prezi a couple of times before, but never knew how interactive they could be in a lesson. I can’t wait to implement these resources in my future classroom and I am very confident that they will help my students reach their learning potentials. 


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